About Crazy About Cookies

At Crazy about Cookies.com, we are crazy about communities! Our ultimate goal is to help schools, churches, non-profit organizations and other community groups raise the supplemental income their budgets require. Our mission is to maximize their fundraising efforts and provide them with a product of excellent quality and significant consumer value. Our commitment to these organizations has led us on a journey that we believe will enhance their efforts and increase their revenue. These groups, their mission and their unique needs inspired us to think outside the current fundraising box. The existing method of delivery and distribution of cookie dough and other fundraising programs creates a chaotic atmosphere where sponsors work to coordinate the organization's calendar, delivery times, distribution of hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of items and the assembling of a staff of volunteers to facilitate such a production. We can easily say the sponsors' responsibilities are stressful and difficult at best. We also see how the current model can hinder the group from functioning and take time away from their set plans and daily agendas.

We believe fundraising shouldn't be so complicated. We also believe it doesn't have to be. Our revolutionary system allows sponsors to plan and execute profitable and successful fundraising campaigns without the complications that frequently arise during the current method. Our simplified method provides groups with a great product that requires little effort for distribution with a minimal volunteer team and a wider range of customers. All of this adds up to an efficiently run program that enables the group to reach its' fullest fundraising potential.

With this revolutionary method, organizations can spend less time working to raise funds and more time accomplishing their individual missions! That's a plan everyone can live with.

We encourage you to support your local community groups in their efforts to supplement their budgets. When they have sufficient funds to operate, the community wins.

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